Friday, March 8, 2019

Are Revolvers Relevant?

If you spend any amount of time on various firearms and defense related forums you will eventually come across arguments both for and against the relevance of a revolver as a primary lethal force option for defensive purposes.  Unfortunately most of what is said on both sides of the argument is incorrect and the average gun owner has a difficult time discerning what info is good and what is dross.

The definition of relevance according to Merriam-Webster is;

1   a: relation to the matter at hand.

     b: practical and especially social applicability.

2: the ability (as of an information retrieval system) to retrieve material suitable to the needs of the user.

What does that mean to us? 
1 a: Does the use of a revolver relate to the matter at hand, specifically that of   self defense?
1 b: Is a revolver practical and especially socially applicable?
2: Does a revolver provide the needs of the user?

Those three questions are the crux of the arguments.  Let's address them one at a time and see what we can come up with.

1 a: Does the use of a revolver relate to the matter of self defense?

Most assuredly.  As Responsible Armed Citizens we should make sure that we are well aware of all the limitations.

  1. The limitations of our preferred primary lethal force option.
    A:  Is it accurate, reliable, provides decent penetration?
   2. Our limitations in deploying and using our primary lethal force option.
       A: Can you deploy, aim, shoot, and manipulate it safely, accurately while                  under stress?

If a revolver fits those criteria, then it checks that box.

1 b: Does the revolver provide the needs of the user and is it socially acceptable?

    This is where we have to start making our own decisions.  Assuming we have an accurate, reliable revolver that we can carry, draw, manipulate, and shoot both safely and well, will it fit our needs?  It has been my experience that the more proficient one is with a given tool, the more one can accomplish with said tool.

Is it socially acceptable?  In today's culture of loathing for guns a revolver tends to draw less negative attention however, the potential negative attention should be pretty far down your list.

2: Will a revolver fit your needs?

Again this is subjective.  You will have to determine your needs.  You may find out that your needs change from time to time and would prefer options.  You may start off with one type of pistol and caliber only to discover that it doesn't fit your needs.  Proficiency is the key.  Learn to use your tool.  

The next installment will cover the various Pros and Cons of the revolver as a defensive tool.