Sunday, August 29, 2021

R51 The Next 93 Rounds

The second range outing for the Remington R51 involved 43 rounds of reloaded ammo. The load was a 125 grain FMJ over 5.5 grains of Auto Pistol running at around 1000 FPS. I also had the opportunity to bamboozle a couple of range cronies into running a magazine each through the R51. One commented it performed similar to a Sig P365 while the other felt the recoil was snappy and the trigger was very light. The next drill was the 5x5 cubed. Five shots from five yards in a five inch circle in under five seconds. The times were as follows: 3.90 seconds. Two misses. Sighting run. 4.17 seconds. Clean 4.14 seconds. One miss 4.12 seconds. Clean 4.65 seconds. Clean 4.65 seconds. Clean I found this ammo and load very pleasant to shoot. No function issues were observed.
At this time I swapped to fifty rounds of Monarch 115 grain, steel case, laquer coated ammo. The next drill included picking up the empty pistol, inserting a loaded magazine, racking the slide, and firing one shot at a steel silhouette at eighteen yards. This drill mimics many IDPA stages of starting with an unloaded gun and having to load and fire under stress. Times were as follows: 3.64 4.38 3.96 3.98 3.16 3.63 3.08 3.35 The magwell is narrow (it is a single stack 9mm after all,) with no flaring. Magazine insertion requires good alignment. the remaing rounds we spent in an alternating Strong Hand Only/Weak Hand Only drill on a steel silhouette at fifteen yards. No function issues were observed. Ninety three rounds is close enough to 100 to justify the next field strip and cleaning. There was a fair bit of powder residue noted. I'm not familiar with how clean or dirty Auto Pistol powder is but there seemed to be more residue than from the first session.
There was more finish wear on the frame slide rails but the small deformations noted in the first post didn't seem to have increased in size.
The shelf on the frame had lost more finish but didn't show any signs of deformation.
The ramps on the breech block did not show any increase to the small deformations noted earlier.

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